Microsoft Segera Rilis Windows 11. Ini Dia Spesifikasi dan Keunggulannya

Purwakarta, candatangan – Microsoft akan merilis Windows 11 22H2 pada tanggal 20 September 2022 nanti.

Sesuai dengan informasi yang beredar, Windows 11 22H2 disebut dengan Windows 11 2022 Update, dalam halaman resminya, Microsoft juga menjelaskan sejumlah peningkatan yang hadir di versi ini, mencakup Tab di File Explorer, Photos App Experience baru, Taskbar Overflow dan lainnya.

Selain itu Microsoft juga memberikan sejumlah highlight dari kemampuan Windows 11 2022 Update, dimana versi ini hadir memberikan peningkatan dan akurasi search yang lebih baik dibandingkan versi Windows sebelumnya, peningkan snap layouts, fitur focus baru, dan lainnya. Berikut adalah diantaranya:

  • Faster and more accurate search
  • Improved quick settings.
  • System-wide live captions
  • Enhancements to Snap layouts
  • The new Focus feature
  • Performance and battery optimizations
  • Windows Studio Effects to improve video and audio calls: Voice Focus to filter out background noise and make sure you are heard, Background Blur so only you are seen, Eye Contact to help you make a better connection with people you’re talking to and Automatic Framing so the camera stays with you as you move. These features are powered by AI. Note that not all hardware support these effects.
  • New creator tools: Clipchamp is a new inbox app to make video editing simpler with templates, effects and more.
  • Additional gaming features: Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate on windowed games. Also, with Game Pass built right into Windows 11 through the Xbox app, players can access hundreds of high-quality PC games
  • Updates to the Microsoft Store experience: Besides traditional apps, games, and movies, Microsoft Store now offers Android apps. The company expands Amazon Appstore Preview to international markets.
  • Improvements to Microsoft Defender that make your computing tasks more secure.
  • The new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen identifies when people are entering their Microsoft credentials into a malicious application or hacked website and alerts them.
  • The app is now available on smartphones and can be managed via Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • There is now the presence sensing optional feature to Windows Hello for Business, so that devices equipped with presence sensors work with Windows Hello to securely log you in when you approach and lock your device when you leave.
  • Another security feature, Smart App Control, is also available for customers. Available on new Windows 11 devices or with clean installations of the Windows 11 Update 2022, Smart App Control blocks untrusted or unsigned applications, script files and malicious macros from running on Windows 11. It can predict the safety of an application in real-time before it runs on your device.

Nah, itulah tadi sejumlah fitur-fitur baru di Windows 11 2022 Update.