Ice Doger Nusantara Recipe

Es Doger Nusantara

Purwakarta – Ice doger recipe, surely all of you know this drink, right? This drink is very popular among school children because it is often found in the school canteen or outside the school environment.

Ice doger itself comes from Cirebon, although originally from Cirebon, this ice can also be found in big cities, one of which is Jakarta, Malang and also Surabaya and many other cities.
For those of you who want to enjoy this one drink, there is no need to always buy it outside. Because you can make it yourself at home. How to make it is not too difficult. Immediately, we see the recipe below here.
Ice Doger Ingredients
I divided the ingredients into 2 parts. For the ice, you can use any brand of milk and you are free to use any brand of dye, including food coloring. For the topping ingredients, it’s just according to your taste, it doesn’t have to be the same as the recipe below
Ice Ingredients:
1200 ml coconut milk.
300 grams of sugar.
Rose red food coloring.
Sweetened condensed milk to taste.
Hat Material:
100 grams of black sticky rice tape. (already cooked)
100 grams of cassava tape.
White bread. (Cut into dice).
200 grams of young coconut meat. (Scrub first).
Chinese girlfriend.
Jelly or Pudding.
How to Make Ice Doger:
1. First prepare a frying pan and then add 1200 ml of coconut milk and 300 grams of sugar, if you like it sweeter you can add sugar but if I think this is enough, then turn on a low heat, tend to be medium and stir while cooking don’t forget to stir, the goal is to use low heat and keep stirring so that the coconut milk doesn’t break, cook until it boils.
2. If it’s boiling, add rose red food coloring, add just enough. if it has been cooked and given coloring, enter it into the container, the container can use a basin or large bowl. After that chill in the freezer until frozen. After it freezes then dredge it using an ice scoop, if you don’t have it, you can use a spoon to dredge it.
3. After the dredged, then add the young coconut meat that has been dredged, stir until evenly mixed. Then prepare a bowl or glass for its presentation. Then arrange the toppings according to your taste, starting with gelatin, Chinese girlfriend, white bread, black sticky rice tape, cassava tape. you can also use other toppings, just according to your taste. If all the steps above have been done. Ice Doger is ready to be served.