3 Recipes for Sweet Banana Compote

Sweet Banana Compote
Purwakarta – Cooking Sweet Banana Kolak at home is very easy. Compote is a suitable dessert in all situations. Besides having a sweet taste, compote is also fresh and able to help fill the stomach.

Not surprisingly, this dish that became iconic in the month of Ramadan is loved by many people. Kolak is made from boiled brown sugar, coconut milk and also bananas, sweet potatoes, and cassava, and many other toppings.

1. How to Make Banana, Cassava, and Kolang-kaling compote

Materials needed:

– 800 gr banana kepok

– 300 gr brown sugar / according to taste

– 3 pandan leaves

– 150 gr kolang kaling

– 400 grams of cassava

– 1000 cc of coconut milk

– Sugar

– Salt

– 1/4-1/2 tsp vanilla powder

How to make banana, cassava, and fro compote:

a. Cut cassava, cut according to taste, wash clean. Then peel the bananas, cut according to taste, boil brown sugar with 100 cc of water, strain the water, boil kolang kaling, drain.

b. Boil coconut milk + brown sugar water + granulated sugar + vanilla powder + pandan leaves in medium heat while stirring until it boils.

c. Enter cassava + kolang kaling. When the cassava is 1/2 cooked, add the bananas. Let stand until cooked, do not stir too much.

d. The compote is ready to be served.

2. How to make pearl banana compote

Materials needed:

– 8 kepok bananas

– 1 pack of boiled pearl sago in boiling water until it is clear

– Brown sugar to taste, boil with a little water and then strain

– 1 tbsp sugar

– 1/2 tsp salt

– Fresh coconut milk 750-1000 ml

– 1 egg + a little water (beaten)

– 2 pandan leaves

How to make pearl banana compote:

a. Boil the coconut milk with salt and pandan leaves until it boils over medium heat, stirring occasionally so that the coconut milk doesn’t break.

b. Add the banana slices and the boiling water of brown sugar and cooking sugar and stir again.

c. After the bananas are ripe enough, add the pearl sago.

d. Finally, add the beaten eggs little by little while stirring so that the results are fibrous and the sauce thickens slightly.

e. The compote is ready to be served.

3. How to make pumpkin banana compote

Materials needed:

– 8 ripe plantains, peeled, cut into slices

– 300 g pumpkin, peeled, cut into squares

– 200 ml coconut milk, medium thick

– 800 ml of water

– 2 pandan leaves, tie a knot

– Sugar according to taste

– A little salt, balance the taste

How to make pumpkin banana compote:

a. Boil water, sugar and pandan until it boils.

b. Add pumpkin, cook until half cooked then add bananas.

c. Add coconut milk, cook until banana and pumpkin are cooked. Don’t forget to stir occasionally so the coconut milk doesn’t break.

d. The compote is ready to be served.