2 variants of Ginger Drink

Indonesian Ginger Drink

PurwakartaGinger which has the Latin name Zingiber officinale, is a rhizome plant that is very popular as a spice and medicinal ingredient.

Many Indonesian drinks use ginger as the main ingredient.

Moreover, ginger has a dominant spicy taste due to a ketone compound called zingeron.

The warm sensation of this ginger is very good mixed with tea and other ingredients to warm the body during the rainy season or at night.

Here is a hot ginger drink recipe.

1. Lemon ginger tea


25 grams of black brewed tea

500 ml water

5 centimeters of crushed roasted ginger

1 lemon sliced ​​round

Supplementary material:

lemon slices

50 grams of rock sugar

How to make lemon ginger tea:

1. Prepare a pot of water, heat the water and add the ginger. Then cook over low heat until fragrant, turn off the stove.

2. Add brewed tea, brew until the water changes color. Add the lemon wedges and let sit for 20 minutes until the lemon juice comes out.

3. After 20 minutes, remove the lemon wedges. Reheat the ginger tea. Ginger tea is ready to be served. Add sugar if you like.

2. Spicy ginger tea


400 grams of ginger, roasted, peeled and crushed

1,500 ml of water

2 centimeters cinnamon

2 cloves

2 cardamom grains

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 tablespoon honey

2 sachets of tea

How to make:

1. Prepare a pot filled with water and all the spices. Boil over low heat until fragrant, then strain.

2. Re-cook the spiced water. Add sugar and honey. Stir until sugar and honey are dissolved.

3. Dip the tea, stir until the water changes color. Wedang ginger tea with spices is ready to be served warm.