The benefits of Tajin amaze you.

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Purwakarta – Starch water which is usually not used and thrown away can actually provide many health benefits, you know. The nutritional content contained in starch water is very good for maintaining the body when consumed. Therefore, it is necessary to know together that various ingredients exist and are contained in this starch water.

The starch water will appear when we cook the rice, and when the rice boils the white starch water comes out of the boiling rice. Because it contains particles from boiled rice water, starch water also contains carbohydrates. It is usually given to babies as a substitute for milk. However, its nutritional content is still far below animal milk, vegetable milk or mother’s milk.

Starch water contains starch, a substance that can be a powerful drug that balances the acid in the stomach so that it doesn’t have problems. dr. Zaidul Akbar warned to maintain the balance of acid in the stomach so it doesn’t recur because of the tendency of the Corona virus to attack this digestive part.
Water tajin, or rice water is also believed to be rich in nutrients and starch which is very good for consumption. In addition, this liquid is also said to contain carbohydrates, plant inositol, and many other organic substances. Well, some important nutrients contained in starch water, including:
– 16% protein
– Lipids by 10%
– Triglycerides by 10%
– Starch by 9%
Well, all the ingredients mentioned are estimates of the nutritional content, which is also contained in two glasses of processed starch water.
Quoted from, the starchy water drink contains several benefits and properties in it. Such as antioxidants, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin E, sodium potassium minerals, bioactive compounds and amino acids.
Behind the white water, starch has a number of health benefits. Here’s the review:
1. Increase energy
Quoting the Times of India, boiled rice water is packed with the goodness of minerals and healthy carbohydrates, so drinking it every morning can provide enough energy to stay active throughout the day.
Consuming starch water to increase energy is safe because it is made from natural ingredients and is not contaminated by chemicals like other energy-boosting drinks sold in the market.
2. As food for toddlers
Quoting the Times of India, starch water is easily digested by the body making it a good food for toddlers.
3. Overcoming heat illness in
Heartburn is a mild disease but it is very disturbing activities while eating and increase energy.
Heartburn can be overcome by consuming starch water regularly. One of the diseases caused by internal heat is thrush.
Thrush is not a dangerous and deadly disease, but suffering from canker sores is very disturbed especially when you are eating.
Consuming starch water is believed to relieve canker sores. If the canker sores heal, then activity and appetite can return to normal.
4. Prevent the occurrence of senile / alzheimer
senile disease or also known as alzheimer’s disease, is one of the diseases suffered by elderly people.
senile dementia is caused by reduced brain health and disruption of the brain’s nerves, besides that, it can also be caused by a lack of exercising brain activity. By providing nutrients such as starch water, senile problems can be slightly overcome.
The nutrients in starch water have a role in developing neurotransmitters so that they can prevent the occurrence of senile dementia or Alzheimer’s
5. Improve facial skin health
Apart from being consumed, starch water can also be used in different ways.

In addition to maintaining the health of the internal body, starch water can also be used to maintain skin health and smoothness.
It is believed that starch water can soften facial skin, by using it as a mask.
By adding a little honey to the starch, then using it as a mask, the starch water can make the face clean and smooth.
In addition, by using a starch mask mixed with honey, the face can become brighter.
If you want to get healthy and white skin with a starch mask, it will be more effective to use starch water obtained from boiled brown rice.

6. Make hair healthy
The last benefit of starch water, namely its benefits in healthy hair. The benefits of starch water have been used for hundreds of years as a shampoo and conditioner. Besides being cheaper and saving pockets, using starch as an ingredient for treating hair is very good and safe, because there is no mixture of harmful chemicals in it.
The benefits of starch water for hair actually come from the inositol content which can increase hair elasticity and prevent damage. Apart from that, massaging your scalp with starch water will also help your hair to be stronger right from the roots.

7. Prevent being infected with the Corona virus
By consuming starch water regularly, it can increase the immune system of our body.
Because there is a content of vitamin E, amino acids and antioxidants that can strengthen our body’s immunity. This is what health experts believe can prevent exposure to the Corona virus.

Thank you, keep smiling (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)