Find out the meaning of Yodis

Purwakarta -Yodis . meaning


Hmmm have you heard?

You must have often heard or seen the word Yodis, both in the real world and in cyberspace such as Facebook, Twitter or other chat-based applications such as BBM, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Or maybe you’ve met? Do you even have friends with the name or nickname ‘yodis’?

But do you know the true definition of the true word Yodis.

So that you understand in understanding a sentence that contains the word.

The following is an explanation and meaning of the word Yodis based on surveys and explanations from internet users:


Said yodis The opposite of the word sidoy. means he/doy.

That’s the true meaning of the word Yodis. We hope this definition can help you in reading sentences containing the word Yodis

Hopefully this article can help you in understanding the term yodis more deeply.

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