Deklarasi Pemerintahan Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (PRRI)

 PURWAKARTA – PRRI is one of the opposition movements between the regional government and the central government (Jakarta) which was declared on February 15, 1958. This movement was preceded by the issuance of the ultimatum of the Charter of Struggle to Save the Country from the Council of Struggle led by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Husein in Padang, Sumatra. West, Indonesia.

This movement also received a response from North Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. On 17/02/1958, the region declared its support for PRRI (the movement was known as Permesta).

The conflict that occurred was strongly influenced by the demands for the implementation of wider regional autonomy. The ultimatum was not a demand for the formation of a new state or a rebellion, but rather a protest about how the constitution was implemented.

At the same time, the condition of government in Indonesia is still unstable after the Dutch aggression. This also affects the relationship between the central government and the regions and creates various imbalances in development, especially in areas outside Java.

The seeds of this conflict began to occur since the issuance of Regional Regulation No. 50 of 1950 concerning the establishment of an autonomous region by the province of Central Sumatra at that time which included the provinces of West Sumatra, Riau, which at that time still included the Riau Archipelago, and Jambi now.

However, this conflict was considered a rebellion by the central government, which considered the ultimatum a proclamation of a rival government, and was later crushed with the largest military deployment ever recorded in Indonesian military history. All PRRI figures are freedom fighters, founders and defenders of the Republic of Indonesia. As emphasized by Ahmad Husein in the meeting of the Military Rulers at the State Palace in April 1957; The foundation of the regional struggle remains the Republic of the Proclamation and is obliged to save the beloved Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

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