Defender of the Fatherland Memorial Day

Purwakarta – Almost everyone knows that February 14th is Valentine’s Day, so what other events are memorable for this nation?
In addition to being celebrated as Valentine’s Day, it turns out that on February 14 there was also a big event that was once the day of the struggle of the Indonesian people.
This February 14th coincides with the Defender of the Fatherland Memorial Day (PETA).
Sourced from the Encyclopedia of the Japanese Occupation in Indonesia on page 14 by Nino Oktorino, the PETA Rebellion was a rebellion carried out by the PETA (Defenders of the Homeland) battalion in Blitar, East Java on February 14, 1945.
This rebellion was led by the platoon leader or Shodancho Soeprijadi against the Japanese troops because they were concerned about the misery of the Indonesian people who lived in Blitar under the rule of the Japanese Empire during World War II.
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